What is Zipline Adventure

Manado Treetop, soars above a beautiful working forest. With our most shallow gradient, and at 220m (700’) long, Manado Treetop is a gentle introduction to our state-of-the-art zipline technology, and delivers the first of those spectacular views. If you’re zipping with a friend take advantage of the vista, and our unique twin zipline cables, to photograph each other in-flight. Your incredible backdrop has Bunaken island skyline shimmering in the distance beyond the islands of the Sulawesi, plus the brooding silhouette of Old Manado island Island in the foreground. You can even rent one of our GoPro cameras for a ‘moving’ memento of your experience.


In Harmony With Nature:

Trails and hanging tree are designed and maintained to cause the lowest impact to nature, trying always to keep the forest intact for everything living in it.

Local Naturalist Guides:

Local naturalist guides will take you on tour and will share with you intriguing facts and point out distinctive flora and fauna of the area, amazing details one might miss.

Unique Sights:

Forests in Manado are rich in flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for all the wonderful treasures in it. Discover nature from bottom to top.


Minimum Age : 7 years old
Minimum Weight : 30kg
Minimum Waist : 117cm
Minimum Leg Loops : 67cm
  • *Kids of ages 12 will not ride alone, they will ride tandem with one of our guides, so kid spaces on tour will be limited by the number of available guides. Kids of ages 7-10 will ride tandem with each other, if guides are not available.
  • *High intensity activity not permitted for people with any kind of health problem (back, neck or any pain, bone, muscle or heart problems).
  • *Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time.


Wear comfortable and light clothes, better if they are breathable. Bring a jacket or raincoat, just in case a friendly rain comes by. Wear hiking or tennis shoes, preferably something comfortable and enclosed.

Sunscreen is always recommended in this beautiful tropical country. Insect repellent will be a good idea to have, specially (as locals will describe it) if you have ‘sweet’ skin.

Transportation is not included but available for an extra fee from Central Manado