Safety Instruction Luley

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Be safe, feel safe. That’s our promise. Manado Treetop adventure tourism operators are governed by stringent legislation. The Heath & Safety Regulations requires every adventure tourism operator in Indonesia to register with the Standard’s WorkSafe. To legally operate, Manado Treetop Adventures has our safety systems assessed and accredited by independent auditor, Quality Standards International, under their AdventureMark scheme. We’ve been registered since we opened in 2018.

Our AdventureMark accreditation is built on our safety management system. This dictates everything from how our guides are trained and assessed to how often our zipline kit is inspected and when it’s retired from service. Our zipline ‘hardware’ – cables, brakes, poles and anchors – undergoes daily, weekly and monthly inspections. As does our gear like helmets, harnesses, lanyards, trolleys and carabineers. Our guides get on-going training and assessment and our full-time training and safety manager makes sure our team are always at the top of their game. Plus, twice each year, an independent, external expert spends five days examining and re-certifying all our hardware, zipline gear and ZipStop brakes.

‘How will I stop?’ is a question we hear a lot! Often from guests who’ve ridden ziplines with less technical braking methods – like hand’n’glove. Our indonesia designed ZipStop system uses state-of-the-art brake technology, recognised as a world leader in the zipline and canopy tour industry. And we back up each ZipStop unit with three other independent brake systems, including an ‘Emergency Arrest Device’.

Petzl Equipment

 When you zipline with Manado Treetop Adventures you’ll be wearing nearly $1,000 worth of safety equipment. We’ve worked with the best engineers and manufacturers in the zipline industry to custom-design your zip gear, with every safety critical piece duplicated by a completely autonomous back-up. Your full-body harness connects you, via trolleys and lanyards, to our zipline cables. It looks like there’s only one lanyard attaching you to the trolleys – but it’s actually two separate lanyards, each tested to two tonnes, integrated to appear as one. And rather than riding one zipline cable you’re riding two, each tested to over five tonnes, each with its own zipline trolley. In fact, the only piece of kit we haven’t doubled-up is your helmet!

Safety Instruction Luley

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